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Burghclere Primary School

Learning, growing and succeeding together

School Logo

Burghclere Primary School

Learning, growing and succeeding together


Vision and Values

Learning, Growing and Succeeding Together


Our Vision

At Burghclere Primary school, we provide a happy and nurturing environment where everyone can thrive. We empower individuals to be the best they can be and to reach their full potential both academically and personally. We develop global citizens of the future, equipped with the skills and values to enter an ever-changing world. At Burghclere Primary School, everybody matters.

Our School Values

At Burghclere we value:



  • We ask questions
  • We nurture curiosity
  • We think critically about what we are told
  • We want to find out more about ourselves and the world



  • We dream big
  • We set challenging targets for ourselves
  • We are motivated to achieve our goals
  • We strive to be the best versions of ourselves



  • We provide encouragement to others
  • We work collaboratively with others
  • We help each other
  • We build positive relationships



  • We express ourselves in different ways
  • We think outside the box
  • We enjoy solving problems
  • We learn using different approaches



  • We build on mistakes and don't give up
  • We persevere- even when something is challenging
  • We are willing to take risks
  • We have bouncebackability



  • We are able to take responsibility for our own well-being and learning
  • We manage our own learning resources and time
  • We are organised
  • We are resourceful



  • We look back at what we've done and learn from it
  • We want to grow and be the best version of ourselves
  • We listen to others
  • We give and receive feedback and use it to improve



  • We are honest, caring and trustworthy
  • We look after ourselves, other people, our belongings and the environment
  • We respect other's views, ideas and opinions
  • We make a positive contribution to our community





The Governors’ Award


The Governors’ Award is open to all pupils at the school, in any class and is awarded towards the end of the academic year to the pupil whose behaviour and values throughout the year have been exemplary and who best capture the values of our school. It is not awarded for academic excellence.


We make the process of identifying the winner as fair and objective as possible. In the summer term, the class teachers anonymously nominate three or four candidates with a paragraph that encapsulates why the pupil should be considered, giving specific examples to support their nominations.


The Governors of the school meet and carefully consider the nominations and vote for their preferred candidate. Staff Governors do not vote. The pupil with the majority vote is the winner.

It is very exciting for the Governors and children alike as we have no knowledge of who we choose until the process is complete!


The pupil selected is informed at the end of year Celebration assembly in front of all their peers and given the prestigious trophy and prize from the Chair of the Governors. Their picture then adorns the entrance hall for the following academic year.