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Come and meet the pupils, staff and governors at our school!



Burghclere Primary School is proud of its teaching and support team. All staff at the school are committed to giving children the best possible start to their futures and to providing quality teaching and learning. All teachers have subject lead positions and apply a wide range of skills, experience and dedication to the development of the pupils.



Mrs B. Letchford





Mrs J. Field  


Year 5/6 - Falcon Class/Deputy Headteacher

Miss H. Corner  


Year 3/4 - Robin Class


Mrs H. Barraclough & Mrs C. Maynard  


Year 1/2 - Oak Class



Mr G. Edgington


  Year R/1 - Acorn Class    
Mrs L. Hutchinson  


Learning Support Assistant  - Acorn Class

Mrs E. Bowes  


Learning Support Assistant - Robin Class

Mrs E. Rose  


Learning Support Assistant - Oak Class

Mrs L. Voller  


Learning Support Assistant - Acorn Class

Mrs K. Allsopp  



Mrs K. Langford  


School Inclusion Officer



Miss J. Owen



Higher Level Teaching Assistant



Mrs J Langrell


  Learning Support Assistant - Falcon Class & School Librarian    
Mrs V. Garnett  


Senior Administration Officer

Mrs C. Rayner  


Administration Assistant


Mrs S. Greenwell



Administration Assistant


Mr N. Smith  



Mrs S. Samra   Cooks Assistant
Mrs S. Martin  




Mrs C Andrews  


Learning Support Assistant - Falcon Class

Mr D keep  








We are very lucky to have an extremely committed and enthusiastic governing body at out school.


The governors are similar to a board of directors whose main roles are; to plan the strategic direction of the school and to monitor and evaluate the schools progress, providing both encouragement and challenge.


Mrs R Ginns R Ginn – Chair              Ginn –

Mrs J. Pilkington – Chair                       


Local Authority - Mrs O'Neill


Co-opted - Mrs. E. Thomas


Co-opted - Mr. T. Resigh


Parent - Ms J.Piper


Co-opted - Mrs A. Chicken


Parent -


Parent - Mrs T Humphreys


Parent - Mrs L Morgan


Staff - Mrs J. Field


Headteacher - Mrs B Letchford                               


Clerk - Mrs S. Owen




The Governors’ Award

Last year, the Governing Body introduced a new award for Burghclere Primary School.


The Governors’ Award is open to all pupils at the school, in any class and is awarded towards the end of the academic year to the pupil whose behaviour and values throughout the year have been exemplary and who best capture the ethos values of our school (Trust, Respect, Enthusiasm, Engagement). It is not awarded for academic excellence.


We make the process of identifying the winner as fair and objective as possible. In the summer term, the class teachers anonymously nominate three or four candidates with a paragraph that encapsulates why the pupil should be considered, giving specific examples to support their nominations.


The Governors of the school meet and carefully consider the nominations and vote for their preferred candidate. Staff Governors do not vote. The pupil with the majority vote is the winner.

It is very exciting for the Governors and children alike as we have no knowledge of who we choose until the process is complete!


The pupil selected is informed at an assembly in front of all their peers and given the prestigious trophy and prize from a number of the Governors. Their picture then adorns the entrance hall for the following academic year. The winner of our second annual award last year was Beatrix Hennessey. Beatrix was selected for  being thoroughly committed to learning, becoming more independent, sharing her ideas more confidently and always using kind words about other people - wonderful characteristics in a young child!