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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development is important in enabling children to grow into active citizens who make a positive contribution to society and live full and successful lives.




Spiritual development involves beliefs, attitudes and values – sometimes with a religious basis.  It encourages pupils to be respectful, imaginative, creative and to reflect on their own experiences.  We offer opportunities for spiritual development through links with our local church, outdoor learning, our RE curriculum and a range of visits and visitors.




Moral development involves making decisions and considering others.  It encourages pupils to understand consequences of actions and to recognise and explain the difference between right and wrong.  We offer opportunities for moral development through collective worship, themed weeks such as anti-bullying week and texts used in stories, English and guided reading sessions.




Social development involves forming and maintaining a range of relationships in and out of school.  It encourages pupils to co-operate with each other, investigate ways of resolving conflicts and understand the way communities and groups work together.  We offer opportunities for social development through our school council, green group, the school band, our PSHE curriculum, participation in sporting events and community events such as intergenerational afternoons.






Cultural development involves a range of expressive arts, history and traditions from the local community and the wider world.  It encourages pupils to participate in and respond to a variety of cultural events and to relate contemporary and historical events and values.  We offer opportunities for cultural development through visits to theatres and museums, performances with the school band or choir, topics about life in different places or at different times and our links with our partner school in Uganda.