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Falcon Class meet Prince Charles

Falcon class were invited to spend the day at Ramsbury Estates on Friday as part of a butterfly conservation project which they are involved in. This was the first visit of three throughout the year and included a special visit from HRH Prince Charles. The children learnt about the different crops the estate grows and how they are used. They then learnt about the Duke of Burgundy butterfly and its need for cowslips for it's survival. The children then made some plug pots and planted some cowslip seeds. Prince Charles talked to Mrs Field, Mrs Letchford and the children about what they were doing. The children also made some rock cakes with wheat flour and rapeseed oil produced by the estate and were taken on a tour of the beef cattle. It was a great day and the children learnt a lot about where their food comes from. They are looking forward to returning to the estate to plant their cowslip seedlings!